Slang Words 2017

Modern Slang

Words used primarily by millennials.

1. It’s Lit – Short for cool or awesome  with an added emphasis that it’s fresh.

2. Bruh –A casual nickname for “bro”

3. Fam –Their closest friends or a member of a tight group.

4. GOAT –Acronym for “Greatest of all time!”

5. TBH –Acronym for “To be honest”

6. It’s lit –Short for “It’s cool or awesome!”

7. I’m weak –Short for “That was funny!”

8. Gucci –Something is good or cool

9. Turnt – Describes an excessive state of excitement, hype, or overall craziness.

10. Bae–Short for “baby.”

11. Curve –To reject someone romantically

12. Salty –To be bitter about something or someone

13. Skurt –To go away or leave

14. Throw shade –To give someone a nasty look or insult or diss someone.

15. Straight fire–Something is hot or trendy

16. Sip tea –To mind your own business

17. Thirsty – Means desperate, impatient, or overly eager.

18. Woke – “Woke” means you’re knowledgeable, aware, and “with it.”

19. V – “V” literally means “very,” providing emphasis to any statement.

20. LB/FB – Short for “like back” and “follow back.”

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