Editing on a Budget

You’ve almost finished your book, you just need to make sure it is polished and ready for the next step, whether getting an agent or self-publishing your work.

Here are some helpful tips to fine-tune your work:

  • If you haven’t already downloaded grammarly, this is a great editing tool. You can download it for free or for a small monthly fee they offer premium editing.
  • The next step is put the work aside for a week or so. Do nothing – leave it alone.
  • Return to your novel with fresh eyes. Read the work aloud and no cheating – read the whole novel and pay attention. You will be surprised how many mistakes you will find, and you may rewrite sections because the work doesn’t quite flow.
  • Do a final grammar check, and if you are happy, it’s time to move to the next step to get your work published. 



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