Should you Indie-Publish your Novel

So…you’ve completed your novel, and you’re are thinking about indie-publishing instead of taking the traditional route.

First, here are some benefits of indie-publishing.

  1. You are in control of your work. Traditional editors with publishing companies love to edit and potentially could change the style of your book or cut chunks of your work that could sabotage your vision.
  2. You don’t have to follow traditional publishing rules. You can change fonts, word count, and style and writing content and make the work your own. Imagine, instead of a traditional novel, you can make the work more specialized, like using a screenplay format.
  3. Your work is published, and there is no waiting for it to happen. Authors who have contracts with agents and with publishing houses – doesn’t guarantee a book deal. So, indie-publishing is guaranteed.
  4. Today, with so many publishing options, it easy and inexpensive. CreateSpace, Amazon KDP, and IngramSpark are great indie-publishers with tons of support.
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